The Corpse of a Female Child …

The Newcastle Courant: 17 January 1829

It was mentioned in our last, that some resurrectionists were then in Newcastle. At a late hour on Thursday night, the 8th instant, a truck was taken to the Queen’s Head Inn, in this town with directions that it should be forwarded by the mail in the morning to Edinburgh. From the manner in which the box was corded, and the sort of person who brought it to the office (a little man, who spoke with Scotch dialect,) suspicions were entertained as to its contents. Mr Forsyth, the superintendent of police, was sent for, and on opening the trunk it was found to contain the corpse of a female child.  

The body was identified as that of Elizabeth Mills, a girl about 7 years of age, daughter of  a shoemaker in Queen Street. She had died in the infirmary, from having been dreadfully burnt and was interred at the Ballast Hills burial ground on Wednesday, the day before her remains were discovered in the coach house. The grave was so carefully adjusted after the robbery that it was not till a complete examination took place that it was seen it had been deprived of the body. 

The grave clothes and the coffin were covered up, but the coffin lid was broken. The body was reinterred by order of the magistrates, an inquest having been held upon it previous to the first internment, in consequence of the manner of the child’s death.