The Wee Watch-Tower in the Borders

Readers of Britain’s Forgotten Bodysnatchers will already be familiar with the story of ‘Dandy Jim’ and his dealings with the resurrection men on his way back from visiting his sweetheart.But where exactly is the site that this particular bodysnatching case took place?

Make your way to Scotland, and just over the border from England is the little parish of Eckford. Drive along the A698, Kelso bound and keep your eyes glued to the left. If you don’t, you’ll drive straight past it, the watch-tower that is, and trust me, you don’t want to miss it!

Parking wasn’t great. In fact it was non-existent and my passenger had to stay in the car as I was parked tight up against the wall and they couldn’t get out! With a quick visit on the cards due to the weather, I jumped over the boundary wall and headed for the watch-tower at the end of the path. I have to confess at this stage that when I see a new watch-tower I am like a kid at Christmas – I probably even let out a small squeal and run ahead of whoever I tend to be with, such is my impatience to get to the site.

Unfortunately, this is not the wall I climbed over. The one I climbed over is behind me!

And here it is – Eckford watch-house! You won’t be disappointed. Well, you might be, it depends on what you find interesting.I’m guessing if you’re reading this however, you’re going to be interested in all things bodysnatching, so I’ll say again, you won’t be disappointed! Watch the steps, they’re quite slippy, especially when leaning to the side to try to get your camera in through the window – touch and go a couple of times I can tell you. But I’ve lived to tell the tale and will certainly visit again to see if anything changes.

But what about the inside? Not fantastic, but at least you can just about peek inside. Some watch-towers you can’t even do that. High Bradfield for example is now a private residence, so no chance of looking inside that unfortunately.

Despite being locked and boarded with perspex, I managed a few images that gave me a glimpse of the inside and left my imagination to fill in the blanks. I hope you can image the scenes inside too.

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