Win Some… Lose Some… (Part 1)

Three hundred bloody miles I drove yesterday. A round trip from just south of the Scottish border to the beautiful area of Stirlingshire. Threw it down most of the day, but after I’d got drenched visiting my first bodysnatching site at Lasswade, the sun came out and I steamed my way through the rest of the day, eventually drying off completely at about lunch time.

On my list of many sites to visit was Dollar. Enthusiastic as I am about these things, I headed East with all the commuter traffic. Sat Nav recalculated at every junction when I wasn’t able to make my turning for the onslaught of commuters forcing me faster along the road. But I digress…

So here it is, Dollar watch-house. Not my picture but one courtesy of the best bodysnatching site (in my humble opinion) available Echos of the Resurrection Men

Dollar watch-house by Martyn Gorman – Aberdeen University

Unfortunately, my experience of the site had to come from behind dilapidated wooded fence for I was thwarted by that truly British obstacle – Health & Safety! This is the closest I managed to get! 

I did consider leaping over the fence such was my desire to see this watch-house. Poke my trusty camera out from behind a gravestone whilst moving commando style over the graveyard and all that, but thought better of it. So, I gazed on from afar. Duly standing behind the fence letting my imagination wander to darker more macabre events…

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