Eyemouth Watch-House

Nestled in the corner of the old churchyard, in the small coastal town of Eyemouth, sits the most unusual watch-house. Macabre carvings are corroded, sometimes beyond recognition on some of its walls, but the building still stands. Now forming part of the Memorial Garden, many people simply walk past the structure, running to shelter from the driving rain.


The corroded walls of Eyemouth watch-house

It is said the walls are made of old gravestones, taken from the churchyard itself when the watch-house was constructed in 1849. The churchyard, becoming full of parishioners who had died during a cholera epidemic, had to be raised by 6ft and in doing so, some of the gravestones were moved and reused in the building of the watch-house.




One thought on “Eyemouth Watch-House

  • Saw this watch house today (27 Aug. 2017) and sadly it appears to be in a poorly preserved state hidden behind overgrown bushes and the walls crumbling due to water ingress. An important historical and unusual building will disappear soon if the local council don't realise just what an asset it is to a town that thrives on tourism. Shame.


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