interested in the Darker Side of history?

Hi, I’m Suzie, a solo traveller with a passion for macabre travel destinations!

I’ve been exploring the darker side of Edinburgh & Scotland ever since I can remember, specialising in body snatching and everything associated with this forgotten underworld. 

 And now I’m sharing my adventures with you, digging deeper into all things macabre and embracing my love of history and hoping to inspire your next macabre trip to Scotland!

About me

Ever since I completed my Under Grad dissertation on the macabre topic of body snatching way back in 2005,  I’ve spent most of my spare time exploring the darker side of Britain’s graveyards.

I’m also fascinated with the spookier side of travel, but scared stiff to visit some of the scarier places in person!  Doesn’t make me not interested in visiting though! 

Suzie Lennox Digging up !800



Digging deep into the history of body snatching, I’ve explored parts of Britain that I didn’t even know existed.

Remote parishes in the Highlands of Scotland to hidden gems in London and beyond. There’s nothing I like more than visiting a graveyard or two.

I’ve given talks to The National Library in Edinburgh, Scotland right the way over to The Medical History Society in Auckland, New Zealand. And I’ve loved every minute. 

But what I love most of all, is researching the macabre and sharing the history and stories  with you, either through my blog, podcast or talks. 

Old Operating Theater London



I was beyond surprised when I was approached by a researcher from Lion Productions for BBC Two’s Britain’s Biggest Dig and asked to discuss body snatching with Professor Alice Roberts.

Filming took place at the iconic Old Operating Theatre in London. I was also sworn to secrecy about the discovery of a coffin collar during the dig!  I was thrilled when the discovery finally came out when the program aired.  

Guest appearances on podcasts & You Tube

Member// Crime Writers Association

Body Snatching Book

When my book was published by Pen & Sword, I  became a  proud member of the Crime Writers Association.

With over 15 years worth of body snatching research behind it, I’ve named the people who were snatched as well telling you the places where they happened.

I’ve even managed to keep the murderous duo Burke and Hare out of the limelight for once!

Crime Writers Association

This book should appeal to both medical historians and general readers with strong stomachs though it may not be suitable as a Christmas present for the squeamish.

British Society for the History of Medicine

She brings the Georgian underworld vividly back to life and in doing so, rightly resurrects some colourful characters that might otherwise never have seen the light of day again.

All About History

The lesser known stories of the perpetrators, surgeons, families of the stolen corpses and those who tried to prevent body snatching, are fascinating.

Scottish Field

You TUbe Talks & Interviews

The Churches Conservation Trust