Another Shipment of Dead Bodies

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I find many ‘Dead Ends’ during my research. Mere mentions of a body snatching attempt that quite often leads to nothing. I share them because otherwise they will be forgotten. They are intended to be just that, mere snippets of the past.

Another Shipment of Dead Bodies

Hampshire Advertiser: 25 December 1826

Another Shipment of Dead Bodies Hampshire Advertiser  Monday 25 December 1826 British Newspaper Archive


On Saturday, two boxes were shipped in the Fingal steam-boat, while lying at Belfast.

They were entered in the bokoks ‘per the Fly Van from Dublin’ and were marked ‘Stationary’ and addressed to a man in Edinburgh.

On Tuesday afternoon these boxes were put ashore, with other goods at Broomie-law.

A person, who was inspecting them very narrowly, observed sawdust about one box, and thought it rather a strange substance to be in a package of stationary.

Suspicion got abroad, a crowd collected, and eventually the boxes were opened, and found to contain two corpses.

Yesterday, [an]other three boxes, the same in appearance and address, were landed from a lugage boat on the quay.

On inspection, they were found to contain two males and a female. The bodies were forthwith conveyed to the Town Hospital (Glasgow Courier)

I've been researching the macabre world of body snatching since 2005 when I looked at the topic in depth for my Under Grad dissertation. Since then, I've been absolutely fascinated by this often forgotten side of Britain's history.

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