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Are you ready to meet some of the more colourful characters from Britain’s history?

The subject of body snatching has been left untold for too long and it’s time that it story was again brought to life.

The Borough Gang

Vintage black & white image of a Victorian man laughing. Source unknown.

Depending on the talk you choose, you could meet the members of the Borough Gang who terrorized London during the early 1800’s.

Their fascinating history is perhaps one of the most ‘famous’ as one of their members actaully kept a diary of the events.

Yes, that’s right. He kept a diary of the churches visited, the cadavers snatched, who they were sold to and for how much.

It makes for a fascinating talk and discussion!

Or you may prefer to hear of one of their darker periods in the body snatching trade – The Great Cutting Scandle of 1816.

The sharp rise in the demand for fresh cadavers fuelled a fire that had been simmering between body snatcher and anatomist for some time.

The result was a serious of dreadful events culminating in the most shocking of endings.

A Body Snatcher’s Mistake

Slide from Talk on body snatcher Thomas Vaughan by Suzie Lennox

Prisoner #756Argyle is perhaps better known as Thomas Goslin alias Vaughan.

Now, Thomas Vaughan was a fully-fledged member of the Borough Gang and he knew how to stay one step ahead of the law.

How then, does a man, who was once a favourite to eminent surgeon Sir Astley Paston Cooper, fall from grace and end up being transported to Van Diemen’s land with three of his associates?

And why, for some inexplicable reason, did he brake the one major rule of all body snatchers.

My Favourite Talk

Get me started on the subject of body snatching and you’ll find I’m in my element, no matter which talk you book.

But perhaps my favourite and one that is most requested is the one I give on body snatching in general.

Taking a quick look at why body snatching happened in order to set the scene, I then take you on a trip around Britain sharing with you some of my favourite body snatching tales.

The room starting to fill up in preparation for a body snatching talk at Auckland Central Library, New Zealand

Cases such as the Edinburgh students who were nervous, to say the least when they raided Penicuik kirkyard.

Or the case of the body snatcher Henry Gillies who is said to have smelt like a corpse when caught in 1828 and of course the case of one of my favourite body snatchers, ‘Merry Andrew’. 

I may even be able to tell you a tale or two from your own county, who knows!

Inviting Me To Talk

I have a variety of talks that I’ve shared with audiences both in New Zealand and across the UK and the examples here are just a few of the talks I give on this macabre subject.

My talks last anywhere from a whirlwind 30 minutes to a more comfortable 50 minutes and of course, many questions get asked both during and at the end of my talk.

There is often the chance to purchase a copy of my book at talks. If this is something that is of interest to you, please do get in touch.

I am currently in the process of organising talks via Zoom so that interested groups can still meet up with fellow members. It also means that I can offer my talks globally. If you think this may be something your group may enjoy, please drop me a line.

If your group or society enjoys hearing about something a little bit different with a touch of the macabre (this can be scaled up/down accordingly) then I’d love to hear from you.

Bodysnatchers Digging up the Untold Stories of Britain's Resurrection Men. Suzie Lennox

My talks are always well recieved and usually make for excellent discussions afterwards!

If you would like to discuss a particular talk with me or are interesting in getting some further information, please fill out the contact form below and I’ll get back to you.