‘Old Cunny’: King Of The Ohio Body Snatchers

Image | National Galleries Scotland

In this guest post, discover the story of the man they called ‘King of The Ohio Body Snatchers’, a man named William Cunningham, AKA ‘Old Cunny’.

Which Famous People Had Their Bodies Stolen? (5+ Cases)

Image | The Funeral of Shelley by Louis Édouard Fournier 1889 | Public Domain

The more the famous the person, the more chance they have of having their corpse stolen. Be it for reconstructive surgery, ransom or even occult rituals, no-one is safe from body snatchers

Does Body Snatching Still Happen? (8 Real Cases)

Think body snatching was a thing of the past? Think again. Here’s 8 modern day body snatching cases that will make your toes curl

Greyfriars Kirkyard, Edinburgh: The Ultimate Guide To Macabre & Spooky Graves

The Ultimate Guide to macabre & spooky graves in Greyfriars Kirkyard visit The Black Mausoleum, mortsafes and Covenanters Prison in the world’s most haunted graveyard

Hidden History of Dunblane Cathedral

The Hidden History of Dunblane Cathedral Dunblane Cathedral via National Galleries Scotland On the night of 8th June 1828, a body was stolen from the graveyard at Dunblane Cathedral in Stirlingshire, Scotland. There’s nothing so unusual about that. This was the height of the bodysnatching era so you’d expect to find a tale or two… Continue reading Hidden History of Dunblane Cathedral

Edinburgh’s Escape The Past: The Anatomist

In a city where cadavers were once the hottest commodity, anything relating to the dark art of body snatching and providing corpses for the 19th century dissecting table was always going to pique my interest.

The Hope Street Body Snatching Scandal: Liverpool

In 1826 one of the biggest discoveries of cadavers awaiting shipment to the anatomy schools of Scotland was made at George Dock in Liverpool. In this episode, I take a look at the case in more detail, from the bodysnatchers involved to the total body count and even the types of barrels used. In the… Continue reading The Hope Street Body Snatching Scandal: Liverpool

Why Did Anatomists Hire Body Snatchers?

Join me as I discuss the rise of the professional body snatchers and discover why students & anatomists decided to stay out of the graveyard

Discover A Darker Side To The Scottish Borders

Discover body snatching and haunted graveyards in the Scottish Borders on this short road trip around Jedburgh

Body Snatching In Strathspey | On The Edge Of The Scottish Highlands

Take yourself off on a mini roadtrip travelling around Strathspey to discover two body snatching sites on the very edge of the Scottish Highlands

Body Snatching On The A75 | Scotland’s Haunted Road

Take a trip along the A75 in Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland’s most haunted road and discover some forgotten body snatching tales and darker graveyards along the way

7 Macabre Graves To Visit In Edinburgh’s Greyfriars Kirkyard

Take a trip to Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh, and even if graveyards and the macabre aren’t your ‘thing’, I can pretty much guarantee you’ll find yourself wandering through the famous gates of Greyfriars Kirkyard.

5 Coastal Graveyards In Scotland With A Darker Past

I’m sharing with you my top five hidden coastal graveyards that, on first sight, may not look anything special, but if you know me, then you’ll know they’ll all be linked with the dark art of body snatching somewhere along the line.

Ever Wondered Why Some Graves Have Cages Over Them?

Wander into a graveyard and you may be lucky enough to see a grave with a cage over it. But what exactly was it used for?

Why Did Anatomists Hire Body Snatchers?

Ever wondered why anatomists stopped raiding graveyards and the professional body snatcher took over the task of acquiring cadavers for the dissecting table…

The Tedious Job Of Oakum Picking In A Victorian Prison

If you’re doing any research into criminal ancestors and the time they spent in a Victorian prison, chances are you’ll have heard about oakum picking. But what exactly was it? In this post I try to find out.

Body Snatching In Lasswade Old Kirkyard, Midlothian, EH18

It took one word from the Miller woman in 1829 and a quiet Midlothian village was awash with resurrection men.

Body Snatchers In Northleach House of Correction

Join me as I look at the stories of three body snatching raids in the County of Gloucestershire and meet the men who were sent to Northleach House of Correction

The Victorian Treadmill: Why and How Were They Used?

If a criminal’s sentence consisted of ‘Imprisonment with Hard Labour’, chances are the treadmill would have played a part in their hardship somewhere along the line

Waterloo Teeth | A History of Georgian Dentures

This post is dedicated to a by-product that not only came from a battlefield that shares the same name, but also a product that gave the body snatchers a very lucrative sideline.