Edinburgh’s Nor Loch (Witches, Skeleton’s & Why it was Drained)

Image | The History of Witches, 1720 | Wellcome Collection

From a fetid dumping ground for human waste & criminals to a place to try witches, discover the dark side to Edinburgh’s Nor Loch

Ghosts & Murderers At The White Hart Inn, Edinburgh

From detatched legs to resident ghosts and links with murderers Burke & Hare, Edinburgh’s White Hart Inn seems to have it all

Is Edinburgh Castle Haunted? |7 Ghosts & Spooky Tales 

Image | Edinburgh Castle

Rediscover seven ghostly tales from Edinburgh Castle, from a Ghost Dog which haunted the cemetery to a dsigruntled Prisoner of War

Old & Spooky Graveyards in Edinburgh’s Old Town (Visited & Recommended)

Edinburgh’s graveyards are the oldest & spookiest in Scotland. Visit the Old Town for Greyfriars Kirkyard, the most haunted graveyard in the world and walk down the Royal Mile for Canongate, St Giles

Greyfriars Kirkyard, Edinburgh: The Ultimate Guide To Macabre & Spooky Graves

The Ultimate Guide to macabre & spooky graves in Greyfriars Kirkyard visit The Black Mausoleum, mortsafes and Covenanters Prison in the world’s most haunted graveyard

Hidden History of Dunblane Cathedral

The Hidden History of Dunblane Cathedral Dunblane Cathedral via National Galleries Scotland On the night of 8th June 1828, a body was stolen from the graveyard at Dunblane Cathedral in Stirlingshire, Scotland. There’s nothing so unusual about that. This was the height of the bodysnatching era so you’d expect to find a tale or two… Continue reading Hidden History of Dunblane Cathedral