Fully Fledged…Finally…

Its happened. I’ve become a fully fledged taphophile. Or at least an emerging one anyway!

Do you only become a fully fledged one when you die…?

Crikey what a thought! 

‘In Loving Memory…’

It was bound to happen.  I spend all of my free time either in one or reading about one. The quietness (except perhaps in Greyfriars, Edinburgh), the isolation when wandering around a remote one or the sense of peace I get from one when I’m standing in front of a grave from the 18th Century. 

Cemeteries, churchyards, graveyards – call them what you will, I love them. 

So I’ve decided to take my love of bodysnatching and of visiting these sometimes remote sites and share my visits with you. Be aware reader that I don’t visit modern sites – ever. Personally I think these are rather dull, but each to their own as they say.  I prefer places that have a deeper history. Those places that even though they’re out in the open, have a smell about them that reeks old and interesting.

Tullibody, Stirlingshire 

I also only ever really visit sites in the UK. I live here and I personally find them the most interesting.  But where to start first? Do I talk about the specific location or do I just point out the interesting memento mori? I want you to enjoy your visit there, not miss out on anything but how best to do this? I want to make these posts interesting enough so that you too will want to visit them. I want to give you advice on how to find the dam thing -believe you me some of these places are very well hidden!

And I want to tell you where’s the best access and parking once you’ve found what you’re looking for. I may even offer advice on the best place to get a hearty meal following your forays into the macabre, who knows…

But one thing is for certain , if you’re after a gravestone inscription turn away now… my love lies with the funerary art and not the words. I will share with you skulls, winged cherubs and hour glasses, tabletop tombs, curtains and death scenes but not once will I share the much loved urn…for no matter where I stand, getting a decent photo defeats me!

I hope you enjoy my take on being a taphophile.