Episode 8: Body Snatching In America – Guest Interview with Chris Woodyard

Episode 8: Body Snatching In America:

Guest Interview with Chris Woodyard

Cover of Victorain Book of the Dead  by Chris Woodyard
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In this episode, I’m joined by fellow body snatching enthusiast Chris Woodyard, author of the popular series Haunted Ohio as well as the fabulous ‘The Victorian Book of the Dead’.

We get down to the basics of body snatching and compare the practice between Britain and America and for us two, nothing is off limits!

From repurposing clothes from cadavers to the ‘Coffin Torpedo’ and everything in between!

All the gory details can be found at: 

2:37    How to take a body out of the grave

4:42    Digging up putrid cadavers & what to do with the grave clothes

8:09    Body snatchers and their side hustles 

9:00    Packing cadavers ready for shipping & a trunk murder  

17:33  Body snatching prevention, the ‘Coffin Torpedo’ and how to get a body out of the grave   

28:46  The snatching of Senator John Scott Harrison 

34:18  Punishments for body snatching & the role of the anatomists

38:50  The anatomists & their relationship with body snatchers 

39:08  William Cunningham aka ‘Old Cunny’ & his ‘apprentice’ Charles Keaton

42:20  Anatomy Riots & Anatomy Acts

44:22 Chris’ favourite body snatchers including an American burking Case    

49:58 A final Body snatching legend to finish with 

Books Mentioned In This Episode

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For more on the Liverpool Body Snatching Scandal of 1826, listen to Episode 2 of the podcast or head over to my blog where you can read the story in full and see the accompanying pictures. 

Want to follow Chris and find out what she’s up to? 

You can follow Chris on Twitter and Facebook

Chris’ fantastic website Haunted Ohio Books will keep you hooked for hours!  

Chris is also the author of the Haunted Ohio Book Series and fabulous  ‘The VIctorian Book of The Dead’ 

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