I have a variety of talks that I share with audiences both in the UK and here in NZ.  From one of my favourites – a general talk on bodysnatching  – to more detailed talks on specific cases or locations, shedding some light on a number of once forgotten cases.

dav Places starting to fill up at Auckland central Library (New Zealand)

Cases such as the Edinburgh students who were nervous to say the least when they raided Penicuik kirkyard or the case of the bodysnatcher Henry Gillies who is said to have smelt like a corpse when caught in 1828 and the case of one of my favourite snatchers ‘Merry Andrew’.   

My talks last anywhere from a whirlwind 30 minutes to a more comfortable 60 minutes and of course, many questions get asked during and at the end of my talk.

Some of my talks include:

  • Bodysnatching in the North of England
  • Prisoner #756Argyle 
  • The Great Cutting Scandal 
  • Britain’s Forgotten Bodysnatchers 
  • Preventative measures 

If you would like to discuss a particular talk with me, or to find out when I’m back in the UK to visit your group or society, please email