Making A Killing: How Much Money Did Burke and Hare Make?

Episode 4: Making A Killing: How Much Money

Did Burke and Hare Make?

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Making A Killing: How Much Money Did Burke & Hare Actually Make? Digging Up 1800 Podcast

In This Episode:

Notorious murderers Burke and Hare made money from their killing spree by selling the bodies of their victims to anatomist Dr Robert Knox. But how much money did they actually make during their ten month killing period?

Join me in this episode where I take a closer look at the prices paid for the corpses and tally the final total made by the pair before their murders were discovered just after Halloween 1828.

Taking Things Further & Recommended Reading

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Although there have been many books written on Burke and Hare, the two I mentioned in this episode are:

Both are excellent although I found it quite hard to get into Edwards’ book if I’m honest.

Finally, access to The British Newspaper Archive to look at the trial of Burke and Hare can be reached here, although there is a subscription for this service.

I've been researching the macabre world of body snatching since 2005 when I looked at the topic in depth for my Under Grad dissertation. Since then, I've been absolutely fascinated by this often forgotten side of Britain's history.