“Mary’s Ghost” (A Pathetic Ballad)

From Thomas Hood's 'Whims and Oddities' 2nd Series

Interior of a dissecting room with cadavers laid out on tables. Drawing by Paul Ronard, late 19th - early 20th c via Wellcome Images
Interior of a dissecting room with cadavers laid out on tables. Drawing by Paul Ronard, late 19th - early 20th c via Wellcome Images

Twas in the middle of the night,  To sleep young William tried, When Mary’s ghost came stealing in, And stood at his bed-side 

O William dear! – O William dear! My rest eternal ceases; Alas! my everlasting peace Is broken into pieces!

I thought the last of all my cares Would end with my last minute, But, though I went to my long home, I did not stay long in it. 

The body-snatchers they have come,  And made a snatch at me;- It’s very hard them kind of men, Won’t let a body be.  

You thought that I was buried deep, Quite decent-like and chary, But from her grave in Mary-Bone, They’ve come and boned your Mary. 

The arm that used to take your arm, Is took to Dr. Vyse; And both my legs are gone to walk The hospital at Guy’s.

I vow’d that you should have my hand,  But fate gives us denial;- You’ll find it there, at Dr Bell’s, In spirits, and a phial.  

As for my feet – the little feet, You used to call so pretty, There’s one, I know, in Bedford Row, The t’other’s in the city.

I can’t tell you where my head is gone, But Dr. Carpue can,;- As for my trunk, it’s all pack’d up To go by Pickford’s van.  

I wish you’d go to Mr. P. And save me such a ride,I don’t half like the outside place They’ve took for my inside. 

he cockerel it crows- I must be gone My William, we must part! But I’ll be yours in death, although Sir Astley has my heart 

Don’t go to weep upon my grave, And think that I’ll be there,  They haven’t left an atom there Of my anatomie 


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