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Let me take you back to Georgian Britain, to an underworld where the goods bartered were human bodies and discover a darker side to medical history  ‘Body Snatching’ – a subject that only makes it into the history books, if you’re lucky.

From anatomy riots, and bodies being hidden in dung heaps,  to finding cadavers stuffed into barrels and being transported throughout Britain, this is a true-crime podcast with a difference.  

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Cluny Mortsafe Aberdeenshire

Join me as I talk about specific body snatching cases, take road trips around Britain and chat with fellow body snatching enthusiasts with a passion for the darker side of history and take a look at this macabre topic from a whole host of different angles!

Upcoming Episodes Include:

  • Liverpool Body Snatching Scandal of 1826
  • How Much Money Did Burke & Hare Make?
  • Body Snatching on Scotland Most Haunted Road
  • Macabre Graveyards to Visit Outside of Edinburgh
  • The Body Snatchers Wife of Lasswade

Dumfries Graveyard

I’m passionate about sharing long-forgotten stories from Britain’s past, to recount tales of some of my favourite body snatchers and I’d love for you to join me.

You’ll also have the chance to be able to listen to my blog posts instead of reading them. I still give you all the same book recommendations and highlights from my posts just in a more accessible format.

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You can catch all the latest episodes of Diggingup1800: The Podcast by following the links below. Hope you enjoy them!