My bookshelf is groaning with texts relating to body snatching, churchyards, criminal history, and just history in general.

I’ve read tons of books relating to my main subject is body snatching and I think I have most, if not all of the books relating specifically to this topic in my collection now.

I’m building up my resources relating to America, Canada, and Ireland, and these will appears here as my collection grows but I’d like to think I’ve got most of the classics specific to the UK.

The reason for this page is mainly because I want to share with you what I know, and help you choose the right book for your needs.

Simply pick a category below and I’ll give you what a rundown on how I think each book or resource can fit into your research.

I hope you find something you will enjoy reading.

Body Snatching Britain

There are numerous books relating to the macabre art of body snatching.

The best are those which recognize Burke and Hare as murderers! I’ve gathered together over 15 years of research to help you decide which book is right for you.

Resources Graveyards and Cemeteries DiggingUp1800

Graveyards & Cemeteries

I love a book that’s going to teach me something and continue to be useful once I’ve read it.

My choices in this section have all added value to my understanding of graveyards and my collection continues to grow.

Victorian Crime

What’s not to like about Victorian Britain and its criminal underworld.

Falling slightly outside of the body snatching period, these two worlds still intertwine and I want to share those books I think should be on your bookshelf.

History of Medicine

I like nothing more than a good wince when reading medical history.

Some of my favourite medical histroy books are waiting to be discovered. From early forensics to medical pioneers, it’s all here as part of my ‘must reads’.