The Complete History of The Burke And Hare Murders

Find the answers to all your questions about the notorious Edinburgh Murderes Burke & Hare

Edinburgh Miniature Coffins: Discovering the Fairy Coffins of Arthur’s Seat

Found in the ‘Daith Comes In’ gallery at Scotland’s National Museum, the Edinburgh miniature coffins or Burke & Hare murder dolls still have a sense of mystery

Making A Killing: How Much Money Did Burke and Hare Make?

Notorious murderers Burke and Hare made money from their killing spree by selling the bodies of their victims to anatomist Dr Robert Knox. But how much money did they actually make during their ten month killing period? Join me in this episode where I take a closer look at the prices paid for the corpses… Continue reading Making A Killing: How Much Money Did Burke and Hare Make?

Body Snatching On The A75 | Scotland’s Haunted Road

Take a trip along the A75 in Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland’s most haunted road and discover some forgotten body snatching tales and darker graveyards along the way

‘Making a Killing’: How Much Money Did Burke & Hare Make?

Surgeons' Square Edinburgh | Wellcome Collection

Just how much money did Burke and Hare make on their ten month killing spree in Edinburgh? In this post, I’ve collected the figures together and taken a look.

What Ever Happened To William Hare

Just what happened to William Hare after he was released from Calton Gaol in 1829? Let’s take a look at just a few of the theories out there.

Burke & Hare’s Final Victim | The Fall of Mary Docherty

Image | William Burke and his wife Helen McDougal during the trial | NY Academy of Medicine

Mary Docherty Burke & Hare’s Last Victim | NY Academy of Medicine On the Eve of All Hallows, 1828, notorious Edinburgh murders William Burke and William Hare murdered their last victim for Dr Robert Knox’s dissecting table, Mary or Margaret/Madge Docherty, also known as the ‘Old Woman’.After discovering the rich rewards of selling cadavers to… Continue reading Burke & Hare’s Final Victim | The Fall of Mary Docherty

The Simple Art of Burking

  By the end of 1829, after William Burke – one half of Edinburgh’s famous murderers Burke and Hare –  had finished dangling from the end of a rope and the country was just righting itself after the shock of the anatomy murders, the term Burking in relation to attempted murder/kidnap was already being widely… Continue reading The Simple Art of Burking

Finding William Burke: The Relics of A Murderer

Image | Execution of the William Burke| Wellcome Collection If you’re interested in the macabre story of the now infamous murderers Burke and Hare, you’ll know that William Burke is spread around Scotland, with a (tiny) little bit of him scattered in England. Following Burke’s execution at Edinburgh’s Lawnmarket in January 1829, little bits of… Continue reading Finding William Burke: The Relics of A Murderer

Body Snatching In Edinburgh: The Notorious ‘Merry Andrew’

Someone had to supply cadavers to the anatomy schools of Edinburgh beofre Burke and Hare came on the scene. It’s time to meet Edinburgh’s real body snatchers