The Hope Street Body Snatching Scandal: Liverpool

Episode 2. The Hope Street Body Snatching Scandal: Liverpool

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In This Episode:

In 1826 one of the biggest discoveries of cadavers awaiting shipment to the anatomy schools of Scotland was made at George Dock in Liverpool.

In this episode, I take a look at the case in more detail, from the bodysnatchers involved to the total body count and even the types of barrels used.

In the years before murderers Burke and Hare and the discovery of the Italian Boy Murderers in London, the discovery of 33 cadavers at George Dock that day in October 1826, would shake the city to its core.

Taking Things Further & Recommended Reading

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This is a very famous case for both Liverpool and within body snatching history so it can be relatively easy to find the odd tale or two about this case.

The best place to look though has to be on the British Newspaper Archive website, although you do need a subscription to view the articles themselves.

Marie McQuade’s book ‘School For Scandal’  is in the Liverpool History Society Journal, 5

I've been researching the macabre world of body snatching since 2005 when I looked at the topic in depth for my Under Grad dissertation. Since then, I've been absolutely fascinated by this often forgotten side of Britain's history.